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Release of New Duet Titles
"Texas Love Song" and "His Texas Touch"
- Kimani June & August 2012.
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Dancing with Destiny

Zelda Drummond proved that it was possible to bounce back from tragedy. She had escaped
an abusive relationship and was in the process of reinventing herself. The climax of this "self
renewal" took place on the night of her dazzling comeback performance. The lovely dancer
had reclaimed her passion and proved that she was ready for anything. Anything, except
another relationship.

Kantey Swift was captivated the moment he spotted Zelda on stage. The gorgeous producer
had a healthy, well-known appetite for women. Unfortunately, Zelda was tougher than anyone
he had ever met. Though she couldn't help but be drawn to Kantey's sexy, dark features,
Zelda had no desire to encourage him. After spending three years in a living nightmare, she’d
decided a romantic involvement was not in her best interest. Kantey had made a decision as
well: Zelda Drummond was far too beautiful to keep herself locked away. Her staunch refusals
to his advances were met with fiery persuasion. After a while, his sensuous spell had worked
its magic.

The "magic" however, was threatened when Zelda's ex-flame Gary Stewart surfaced with
vengeful intentions. The man became an unwelcomed fixture in Kantey and Zelda's lives,
appearing where and when he was least expected. In spite of such intense obstacles; not to
mention Kantey and Zelda’s own stubborn personalities, they managed to develop a powerful
union. They would come to rely on every aspect of its strength to overcome the darkness
threatening it.
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                           NEW T.ONYX EROTICA!!!

                                 PLEASURE’S POWERHOUSE-  

Malawi Croyden, Hamri Shaw and Teague Specter have been friends since
the days of their rough childhoods. As adults they travel in the world of the
elite. Teague and Hamri are billionaire corporate giants and Malawi runs
one of the most exclusive hedonistic resorts in the world. Black Paradise
caters to the fantasies of the obscenely wealthy. No request is taboo and the
resort is known in only the most lavish circles. Revered for her discretion
and grace under fire persona, Malawi’s fortitude is tested when the ghosts she’
s kept silent for years demand to be heard. She’ll need the combined strength
of her considerably powerful male friends to get her through it. Having lusted
after her all their lives, Hamri and Teague are prepared to give Mali all that
she needs…and more.