The Ramseys
The Tesanos

A Lover's Dream

Quest Ramsey had anything to say about it.
He knew the secrets in his family ran deep and any delving into
his family's past-and the have nothing but the worst
Still, the intriguing and provocative Mick Sellars had captured
his attention and his desire.
The gorgeous, yet jaded developer was hooked pure and simple.
Of course Mick was just as mesmerized by the dark, silent twin
and prayed she'd leave Seattle with her heart and soul in tact.

A Lover's Pretense

Return to Seattle for the sequel to the explosive left home
years ago in hopes of escaping her Quaysar Ramsey.
would-Ty vowed.
for keeping her away had nothing to do with his wanting to
play the field. The outspoken, handsome twin swore to do
what was necessary to protect her life. A murderer was on the
loose and Quay feared Little did she know, however that
Quay's reasons any connection with the only woman he'd ever
loved would only bring about the most fatal results.
Nothing-not even his love for Ty would allow him to risk
putting her life in jeopardy.

A Lover's Mask

Fernando viewed women primarily as a source of pleasure. Of
course, the fact that he'd been raised by Marcus Ramsey made it no
surprise that he'd harbor such archaic notions. Fortunately, the
staid point of view had worn thin on the middle son of Marcus and
Josephine Ramsey. Fernando longed for what his parents never
shared-a love based on equality and mutual respect.

Then, during a family business trip, he meets the alluring Contessa
Warren. The beautiful Chicago publisher was everything Fernando
never believed he'd want: flare, spice, fieriness and grit. The fact
that she was gorgeous and sexy to boot, had Fernando hooked
from the instant they met. She was a woman he could gladly remove
his cool, detached persona for.

A Lover's Regret

Simmering passions stir between Yohan Ramsey and Melina Dan, when their
paths cross following an eight seperation.
It isn’t fate that brings them together moreover, a request from Yohan’s
mother Josephine, desperate to have her daughter-in-law return to Seattle
and make known a revelation that will rock the powerful Ramsey clan. The
murder of eighteen year old Sera Black has haunted the family for decades.
What really happened the night she died? Melina knows and it’s wreaked
chaos in her life ever since. Forced to leave her home and the man she
loved, Melina was learning to live with regret until Josephine’s call.

Now, faced with horrors from the past and the darkly seductive Yohan Ramsey
back in her life, Melina thought things could get no worse. She then
discovers a truth, so devastating it would destroy the only man she’d ever
loved. Not only was she fearful of how Yohan would accept the news, she was
terrified of what he might do once he heard it. Torn apart by anger and regret
yet bound by love and desire, Yohan and Melina’s lives will collide in another
Ramsey explosion.

A Lover's Worth

Johari Frazier knew nothing would be the same when she found the man she
adored in the arms of another woman. The scene was staged but the damage
had thing Johari never thought possible.
He was the man she loved beyond reason. The man she planned to marry.
The man whose child she carried.
Moses knew nothing of the child or the fact that Johari had come to share
news of the pregnancy. He’d set in motion, plans to break her heart and it
was the very last thing he wanted to do. Still, she was better off away from
him-away from the sickness that shrouded his family in scandal.
Now, years later, a chance to right the wrongs of the past give Moses hope
that he could reclaim the woman he loves. Of course, he’ll have to triumph
over the fact that she hates him beyond reason. There are also revelations
threatening to tear down the criminal fabric shielding certain Ramsey elders.
A new stage has been set. Danger is the star and Moses prays all he’s done
to protect Johari won’t come undone in the latest act of the Ramsey saga.

A Lover's Beauty

Taurus Ramsey was no stranger to scandal. The son of Houston and
Daphne Ramsey; whose recent murders shook the powerful clan, the
cynical bachelor had decided love would be forever denied to him
until the personification of exquisite walks back into his life after an
erotic encounter one year earlier.
Nile Becquois is a woman with her own secrets and an even greater
amount of scandal. Of course it's not a scandal she made.
Unfortunately being Cufi Muhammad's daughter was scandal within
itself and the reknown artist wants no one aware of her link to the
Taurus has vowed not to let Nile go without getting answers to his
questions. Answers however, are the very things Nile is unprepared
to give. Especially when she fears they could cost her the man she

A Lover's Soul

Quest and Michaela Ramsey are one of Seattle’s most adored couples but when
more than a few secrets creep toward the uncovering point,
nothing will be the same.
Quest is harboring a volatile secret. Every instinct warns him to come clean with
his wife yet at the same time those instincts warn that Mick
would be shattered once he does.
Michaela; having had enough of her husband’s overbearing and ‘protection at all
costs’ nature reclaims the part of herself she fears she’s lost. The release of
“Royal Ramsey” the revealing biography on Quest’s family has been a sore spot
between the couple for years. For Michaela, the book’s publication is as much
about proving to Quest that she’s not some helpless soul in need of his exquisite
guidance as it is about staying true to the person she had to become to survive
the life she was forced to lead.
Circumstances however, won’t wait for Mick and Quest to be honest with one
another. A sequence of events will collide in a final stormy Ramsey onslaught
where Quest’s and Michaela’s marriage could be the casualty.

Lover's Allure

Return to Scotland where
Darby Ellis and Kraven DeBurgh embark upon a
erotic romance that sets the stage
for the next level
of mystery, drama and revenge.

A Ramsey Wedding

Chicago sets the scene for a week of
Love, romance and drama like only
The Ramseys can provide.
You’re invited to the wedding of the year
As Fernando and Contessa tie the knot!
Just Released……

The Ramsey Series (A Lover’s Dream, A Lover’s Pretense, A Lover’s
Mask, A Lover’s Regret, A Lover’s Worth, A Lover’s Beauty, A Lover’
s Soul, Lover’s Allure, A Ramsey Wedding) embodies the essence of
drama. Complete with a host of intriguing, dangerous and sexy
characters the titles in this saga incite emotions on every level. Just ask
its readers!

“Book of Scandal- The Ramsey Elders” promises just what its title
implies. Discover where the treachery, passion and mysteries all began
for this family. Die-hard fans of the series already know how much the
current generation has suffered because of the actions of the Ramsey
Discover why.

Forget what you think you know. Uncover the truth in a prequel which
can only be described as…Scandalous.

When Sabella Tesano walked away from her
husband Isak, their lives headed down twin paths
of darkness. Sabella’s shame over a horrific
discovery wreaked havoc on her mind and body.
The darkness in Isak’s life had manifested in a
more sinister fashion. He was no longer the even
tempered peacemaker of his volatile family.
While Sabella blamed herself for his brutal
transformation, she believed he was better off
away from her maybe…hating her.
Isak however, harbored no such feelings. In his
mind, Sabella was still his wife and he had every
intention of getting her back. Explanations
would be required and Belle knew she could
never share what she’d learned about herself and
the ugly truth of her existence.


Ramsey/Tesano II

Smoak Tesano and Sabra Ramsey have tried to avoid one
another since that fateful afternoon when their relationship-
when their love was shattered by an unforgivable act. Smoak
vowed to maintain his distance but has come to realize that
Sabra’s in too much trouble to allow for that. The mere thought
of Smoak rattles Sabra far more than she’ll ever admit. She
knows that his presence will stir cravings that will pose dangers
to her very sanity.
Avoidance is not an option. Family responsibilities make that
impossible. Meanwhile, forgotten demons threaten the new rays
of happiness and contentment the Ramseys and Tesanos now
enjoy. These demons are hungry. They are restless. They seek
vengeance, mean to have it and will use the innocent to lure the