When it comes to passion, he’s all

Working for powerhouse shipping owner Mataeo North is a dream
job for Temple Grahame. The jet-setting bachelor depends on
her for everything. But there’s just one thing: he has no idea that
Temple’s been in love with him since college. Or so she thinks…
until the night her studly boss takes her in his arms and uncovers
her passionate secret.
Mataeo doesn’t make a move without consulting the savvy South
Carolina beauty. Now, on the verge of closing a major deal, he
needs Temple more than ever. And not just as his right-hand
woman and best friend. What will it take to convince this sensual,
independent woman that once they’ve crossed the line from friends
to lovers, there’s no turning back?
That it’s time to trust their heartsto a once-in-a-lifetime love?

Former child prodigy Kianti Lawrence has struggled
hard to become a major force in the performing arts
world. Music is her life…until the beloved, world-
renowned pianist meets a man who shows her what
she's been missing. Something about handsome,
powerful ex-Ambassador Therin Rucker strikes a
harmonious—and seductive—chord.

When Therin connected with Kianti, all the notes
suddenly came together. He's more in tune with her
than with any other woman he's ever known. But first
he has to persuade Kianti not to be afraid of life…or
love. Can he make her see that the passion they're
making is the truest music there is?
What the Heart Wants features two
AlTonya titles. In “
Change of Heart”,
Monica Wilson and Garvey Fitzgerald
give into the desires that they’ve denied
for years. But will Garvey’s glamorous
yet secretive lifestyle give Monica cause
for concern? In “
Daki”, a young woman’
s path to love and redemption is marred
when the man she loves discovers the
truth about her scandalous past.

When Capri Timmons trades her chaotic Miami life for
suburbia, the reserved photographer doesn't realize her
fantastic new house comes with a gorgeous doctor next
door! Sexy, way-too-easy-on-the-eyes Tiberius Evans is just
the kind of man Capri has vowed to steer clear of at all
costs. Except the more she resists, the more Tiberius wants
With Tiberius, women usually check their inhibitions at the
door. But his luscious, one-step-at-a-time neighbor isn't like
anyone the devout bachelor has ever known. And his
protective instinct isn't the only thing aroused.

A dose of seduction is just what the doctor ordered. But
Capri is making Tiberius rethink his just-for-one-night past—
and his unclaimed future. Tiberius is happy to act the perfect
gentleman… if it lands him the woman he loves in the end!

Asher Hudson and Riley Stamper treasured their
relationship even the unorthodox nature of their two
year marriage. With Asher overseeing his
multibillion dollar sports agency in Arizona and Riley
producing her own column for a New York paper,
the couple enjoyed few moments together in the
same space.

When Riley discovers she’s about to have a child,
the rules become blurred. The unorthodox
relationship the Hudsons treasured becomes a
hindrance. While both felt the reality of it should be
corrected, neither was willing to make the sacrifice.

Sultry singer Vivian Desmond would do anything for her
grandmother—anything but work with her childhood enemy,
Caesar Morrison. He’s all grown up, but the famous pro-athlete
still enjoys getting under her skin. Now, their matchmaking
grandmothers think handing over the family business will turn
spitfire rivals into love birds, but the man makes her blood boil.

Okay, there was something definitely…hot…under all the years of
feuding, and maybe it was time Caesar did something about it.  
Vivian always made him lose control, and now he knows why.  
She doesn’t care about his fame, fortune or fine looks. She just
knows him too well. Now, all he wants is to know her, every inch
of her, for a lifetime.

Detroit natives, Julia Kelly and Cortez Wallace shared an incredible love
affair…once. Inside the bedroom they were two people with a common goal:
pleasure. Outside the bedroom, they couldn’t have been more different. Julia
was outspoken, opinionated, and full of spontaneity. Cortez was more
reserved- quiet, observant and at times brooding. Still, he loved Julia more
than any woman he had ever known. Her sexy, exciting persona and quick
wit never left him wanting.
Unfortunately, the relationship for all its zest and sensuality was also full of
drama and hurt feelings. Julia, an accomplished television producer and force
in her field had never quite measured up in the eyes of Cortez’s family. Their
outlook had only been one set back in their relationship. Still, it was a major
one. Julia wanted nothing more than to leave Detroit and continue their
careers elsewhere. Cortez however had just been offered the head news
anchor spot at his station. He had no desire to leave and wanted Julia to stay.
Not surprising, Julia was stubborn when it came to what she wanted. She
knew they would never be truly happy as long as his socially ensconced
family saw her as less than appropriate. She did not force Cortez to choose
then because she was too afraid of what he would choose. She left Detroit for
Los Angeles vowing to never return.
Then, rumors begin to rumble about possible nuptials between two popular
Detroit broadcasters. The rumors were without merit as far as Cortez was
concerned. His family however was another story and what they wanted
most was a union between the co-anchors.
Julia of course was ruled by her wants as well and what she wanted now was
to know if Cortez was truly in love. Was this the woman of his dreams or
was she simply the most appropriate choice? Cortez Wallace had never been
a man to allow his actions to be ruled by anyone. Aside from his rugged good
looks and devastating sex appeal, he was charming, intelligent, and idealistic
but always open to the opinions of others. Julia knew the power his family
wielded though. She could not rest until she knew if these rumors were true.
She heads back to Detroit, intent on one last meeting with the only man she
had ever loved. She tells herself she’s a fool, but acknowledges that she’s
being ruled by emotions too strong to be ignored. She had to see Cortez again.
She had to know if her leaving had irrevocably closed the doors for them or
whether the man she wanted-wanted her just as much.

The New Historical Romance
The novel takes place in
South Carolina decades before
the War Between the States.
Using the Denmark Vesey
rebellion of 1822 as the
backdrop, a sensuous,
adventuresome tale is weaved.

Malik Badu epitomized the term Alpha Male-strong,
outspoken, dominating...Of course the fact that he was
ruggedly sexy and gorgeous as sin allowed him to get
away with it. For Malik however, his wife Zakira was the
only woman he desired. Because of his tough as nails
persona, he never wanted the woman he loved to see him
as weak or incapable. When he's diagnosed with a
cancerous tumor, Zakira is the last to know. But Zakira's
devastation over her husband's illness, takes a back seat
to her devastation over his actions which include cutting
her out of anything having to do with his condition. The
consequences of Malik's pride will have him fighting to
save his life-life with the only woman he would ever love.

Another Love

Kedra Gavin was on the brink of ending her “in name only” marriage
to Chaz Williamson when she discovered because he was
overjoyed about becoming a father, but because that important tie
would secure his financial foothold in his wife’s company.
The plan was threatened when a robbery occurred at a restaurant
where Kedra dined with friends. Kimar Shafic had been dining there
as well and noticed Kedra when she fell during the scuffle. He
couldn’t help but notice her as she’d captured his attention the
moment she arrived in the restaurant. The robbery attempt was
foiled, but the damage had been done. Kedra lost her child and her
marriage was next.
But what of her sexy rescuer? A platonic friendship developed. The
platonic aspect however quickly turned into something
more…provocative.  Kimar Shafic was shrewd when it came to
getting what he wanted. He wanted Kedra Gavin. The fact that she
was married mattered little once Kimar discovered Chaz Williamson
had more than his fair share of secrets.
When all is revealed will Kedra accept the alluring promise of
Another Love?
About "Soul's Desire"...

Jurel Reed had accepted the fact
that his brother's wife Maxima was
off limits. But when his brother
was no longer an issue, would
Jurel give into his soul's desire?
Summer 2012